6 Instagram Lead Generation Tactics

Are you experiencing an engaged audience on Instagram? Desire to convert your Instagram followers into leads?

In this informative article, you’ll discover how to combine calls to action with Instagram features to capture more leads for the business.

#1: Link Your Profile Bio to a Lead Generating Landing Page
To best capture leads on Instagram profile, you will need to ensure your profile is properly formatted and business-ready.

Your Instagram profile needs to have every one of the major components complete. Upload an excellent profile image and compose a well-written bio that explains who you are, what you do, and why the visitor should worry about your business.

Additionally, the URL and action buttons should be properly formatted for easy use.

The hyperlink in your Instagram bio is just a primary gold mine for collecting leads. Draft your bio to add a phone to action (CTA) or even a value-added proposition for hitting the link in your bio. The hyperlink itself should point right to the landing page for the download, sign-up, opt-in, and other offer you have. Be certain the landing page includes a questionnaire to capture detailed lead information.

When @thelovebombco recently ran a strategy to get a free product, customers could easily get one as a swap for his or her information.

#2: Include a Traffic-Driving CTA in Your Instagram Feed Posts
To have the absolute most from your bio link, it’s best to produce content in your feed that drives people to that link.

@madeby.kasia teased a new product and encouraged her audience to subscribe on her newsletter to be sure they didn’t miss out the announcement. This call to action is straightforward and effective because it attracts her existing audience and drives traffic to her website while building her email list.

There are plenty of creative ways you can use the link in your Instagram profile to get leads, depending on how you employ your website and lead capture technology.

As an example, if you utilize a pop-up to capture email addresses on your own website, you are able to direct your bio url to send visitors to learn a post or an information page.

To obtain additional reach for your CTA feed post, encourage your regular audience to fairly share it with their stories. Most users have the ability to share a typical feed post to a story. When an individual shares your post with their story, your post is clickable and viewers can visit both your post and your profile directly from the Instagram story post. This helps you reach new audiences, all thanks to your existing followers.

Pro Tip: To accurately measure the effectiveness of your lead generation from Instagram, make use of a dedicated landing page on your own website with a URL that’s shared only on Instagram. Then review your website analytics to accurately tally the number of visits from Instagram, as well as the behavior flow and/or conversions of visitors after they land with this page.

#3: Hack Instagram Action Buttons to Capture Leads
Instagram understands that businesses need effective means of connecting directly with their audience, and the platform has been doing a lot to improve that functionality with one-click action buttons on Instagram business profiles. You could have as much as three action buttons on your own profile. The default button options are Call, Text, Email, or Directions.

Directions is actually not really a great option, and while the Email button may seem like well-known choice for lead generation, it’s actually not. The Email button is great for immediate conversation because tapping that button will open the user’s email app and they are able to send you a direct email. This really is valuable for direct communication and even closing a sale, however it isn’t perfect for collecting an email address and building your list.

Why? When you can’t add someone to your email list since they emailed you. The act of emailing you doesn’t provide consent or an opt-in to your list itself. So while the Email button is certainly good to have, don’t rely onto it for lead capture.

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