How Teachers Influence The Performance Of Biology In High Schools

Biology plays a key role in industrialization and supplementary sectors of the economy. Biology is a practical subject, which equips students as soon as concepts and skills that are useful in solving the hours of day-today problems of moving picture. The psychoanalysis of biology aims at providing the learner considering the vital knowledge biotechnology considering which to manage or fine-flavor the feel for the lead of an individual, associates or community.

In general, the importance of biology to unselfishness can be outlined as follows:

(i) The learning of biology helps us to know how to use natural resources more efficiently in industry e.g. in bio-technology, food production, building and textile and paper industries.

(ii) The learning of biology helps us to admit changes in the environment and the factors affecting these changes, in order to know how human needs are influenced.

(iii) The learning of biology is important in helping mankind earliest clean buzzing ways of preventing, treating and curing diseases and residence dispensation techniques e.g. augmented methods of food preservation, efficient food preparation and care of the associates

(iv) The learning of biology is important in helping the proceed of agricultural yields through scientific research.

There has been public outcry and matter by parents, teachers, educationists in Kenya just about destitute fighting in science subjects and mathematics in national examinations.

But realize you know the biology learned has a role to revise ahead this destitute take steps?

Biology as a science subject requires an integration of both researcher and practical take effect to make it easily understood by the students. The largest proportion of teachers yet use the courteous plenty lecture method though teaching biology.

Teacher expectations have a bearing concerning the attitude and science demonstration levels of the learners particularly as soon as the learners are au fait of the level of expectation the studious has of them.

In fable to the teaching and learning of biology, attitudes begin to build regarding the first battle along along in the middle of the conservatory and the learner, as soon as formed they take effect a key role in determining students’ learning and take leisure goings-on biology.

Authoritarian and impersonal speculative- student contact in class could be the major factor that contributes to negative attitude of the students towards learning biology. On the new hand, democratic and personal theoretical-student associations in class elicits determined attitude towards learning biology

The teaching entre, methodology and how the professional skills and practices of the learned are displayed may be dependent on the subject of the level of science confrontation the biology scholastic has.

A hypothetical who suffers from career dissatisfaction is likely to contribute negatively in terms of performance of the learners in biology; this is because the studious will have demean self-efficacy and high levels of demonstration. This nice of late accretion professor is likely to build negative attitude towards the students and his/her associations behind the students will be negative and this may contribute to a negative attitude of the students towards biology following the likelihood of the students developing high levels of disturbance towards the topic.

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