Layer 2 Will Make Bitcoin as Easy to Use as the Dollar how to find best bitcoin investment website In a June 16 interview with Bloomberg, CEO Jesse claimed that layer-2 solutions will in time make Bitcoin (BTC) as easy to use as the United States dollar.

In addition to improvements in Bitcoin’s utilitarian nature, Powell suggested that the eventual timing of institutional investors getting on board would rely on a herd mentality, and recommended Bitcoin as a hedge against the U.S. Federal Reserve’s current manipulation of the dollar

invest in bitcoin Institutional investors like to follow the herd to Launch UK Trading Platform for Institutional and Retail Investors. It will launch a new digital asset trading platform in 2020 in the United Kingdom to serve its increasing institutional clientele.

CEO continued that the past three months had seen a massive influx of new accounts from all investors types: hedge funds, wealth managers, retail investors and day traders. However, the long-promised flood of institutional investment will rely on a herd mentality, he said. Look at the Fed buying junk bonds from failed United States corporations. It’s a joke. The market is manipulated. They’re printing trillions of dollars to pump up the value of publicly traded stocks. You can’t price anything in dollars any more. Inflation is going to be out of control very soon here. Personally I would be buying bitcoin as a hedge against that inflation