Digital cryptocurrencies, double money, how to invest in bitcoins, which claims to be the first ownerless and memberless investment fund in the world, recently bought its first shipment of physical gold.

This move, announced June 12, marks the launch of its Dash (DASH)-to-gold rebalancing strategy before it is deployed to blockchain startups. The strategy aims to grow the value of the capital held by the DIF. Dash to gold rebalancing strategy

The rebalancing strategy was devised by Demelza Hays, DIF’s Investment Consultant and alumna of Forbes 30 under 30. The goal is to accumulate more Dash and more gold through rebalancing the two uncorrelated assets.

However the Foundation only invests capital into the rebalancing strategy when it would otherwise be sitting idle. The DIF allocates 10 percent of the Dash block rewards through the network’s self-governing treasury system, with a mandate to make money.

It has a further mandate to support the Dash network, so these funds are distributed to blockchain startups in the forms of loans or investments. Any project can pitch for funding which then goes through a two stage process before being put to a final decision by masternodes.

While the capital is waiting to be deployed, the rebalancing strategy is supposed to ensure that it keeps growing. But the profits from either strategy or investment are put to the benefit of the network, as Hays explained to invest in bitcoin